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Commode Raiser /Toilet Seat Raiser

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place for the elderly. Recent studies have been able to conclude that a large percentage of falls at home happen in the bathroom. Falls pose serious risk of injury to senior individuals or those with limited mobility due to a medical condition or medical disability. You can take steps to protect yourself, your loved ones or the person for whom you care by Installing a commode raiser that is basically a raised toilet seat available in 2 inch,4 inch and 6 inch versions.


Benefits of a Commode Raiser

The standard height of a western commode is around 17 inches, which requires a user to bend low to sit down on one properly. For a user or elderly whose mobility is limited due to pain, stiffness or even post surgery related restrictions, bending can be very difficult, leading to a risk of falls and injury. Raised toilet seats or commode raisers increase the height of the toilet, by 2",4" and 6" reducing the distance that a person would have to bend to sit on the commode comfortably. The commode raisers are typically easy to install and do not require any modification  to the existing commode. It is an economical cost effective piece of equipment that can do away with expensive commode chairs that roll over the commode.

Some raised commode seats are also equipped with grab bars mounted on their sides that assist with transferring or providing support to the user while getting up or sitting down.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Commode Raisers


How To Choose the Right Commode Raiser?

One of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting the right raised toilet seat is the height of the seat. Commode Raisers are available in 2 inch ,4 inch and 6 inch options. While you want a raised toilet seat to decrease the distance that you or your loved one must bend, raising the seat too much could pose a safety risk. Make sure that the person using the seat can still keep their feet flat on the floor to avoid over-raising.

How Do Commode Toilet Raisers Work?

Toilet Seat Raisers  or commode raisers are devices  installed onto an existing toilet to increase the sitting height. They are fitted without any major modification and done with the help of clamps that tighten from two sides and hold it securely to the commode It is an excellent way to ease the burden of getting on and off the commode. Toilet seat raisers reduce the sitting angle minimizing risk to those who have delicate hips and joints. Also known as a toilet seat extender, this higher toilet platform enhances safety for individuals with limited mobility.

This bathroom assist device lessens the strain on the body making it easier to sit down and get up from the toilet.

Who Can Benefit from a Toilet Riser?

Individuals with the following conditions may benefit:

Delicate Hips and Knee Joints


Limited Mobility


Severe Trunk Flexion

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Inflammatory Muscle Disease (IMD)

Knee Joint Pain

Hip Joint Pain

Weakened Leg Muscles

Injury or Surgery Recovery

How to Make a Commode Toilet Seat Higher?

The Commode raiser helps raising the commode height by taking the place of the original toilet seat to boost the height 2 to 6 inches. Elevated commode toilet seats offer tool-free assembly and are removable when not in use..

 Is the Commode raiser compatible with all commodes?

Most Commode raisers are designed to fit almost all western commodes. If in doubt call us on +91-9930008292 for any assistance before ordering.

How high are raised toilet seats?
Height options of commode raisers are 2 inch ,4 inch and 6 inches to accommodate a variety of sitting heights.

Are commode toilet seat raisers needed after hip surgery?
A commode raiser is recommended to help with recovery following hip replacement because it prevents the knees from being higher than the hips when sitting.