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Healthdexter.com Mumbai India Shop online for all your healthcare needs.Products like adult diapers wheelchairs,suction machine,cpap bipap, hospital beds,walking sticks nebulizers,pulse oximeters,oxygen concentrator,protein supplements diabetes supplies,commode chairs commode stools,walkers,shower chair stool,blood pressure monitor omron,karma,vissco,jsb,kosmochem lp supports,ostrich mobility and many more..........

Healthdexter, a young company operating in the Healthcare Sector, is a pioneer in Convenience Care.

Convenience Care is a niche within the Sector that focuses on bringing to customers much needed healthcare products in an easy, affordable and most importantly convenient manner.

Established in 2011 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, the company began its operations by catering to  senior citizens. Healthdexter thus embarked on its journey into healthcare with Adult Diapers. The product while commoditized suffered from a number of industry drawbacks such as premium pricing and lack of affordable, effective options. Healthdexter, with its newly created market plan, began to carve out a niche – Convenience Care. It began supplying an array of Adult Diapers at affordable prices. To further its mark in establishing this new genre within the Industry, healthdexter began to provide logistical assistance to its clients in the form of home deliveries.  And so began a new era, one of Convenience Care.

Within the first few months of operations, the company clocked tremendous growth in clients and sales. This growth fuelled the organization’s market plan, by suggesting that despite the fairly robust structure of the Indian Healthcare Industry, there are and continue to be a number of opportunities to maximize outcomes for both company’s and customers.

Armed with intimate knowledge of Healthcare Customers in Tier 1 cities, healthdexter decided to expand. The plan to expand bore down at a stage earlier than planned due to the significant traction in sales that had been experienced only a few months earlier. The company decided to move across the breadth of the industry with the aim of establishing the concept of Convenience Care with every product.

With its experience and vision, Healthdexter now operates across multiple product lines, providing its customers with premium products at affordable prices and at the customer’s convenience.

Healthdexter is now a one stop shop for a number of customers, with varying needs. The company’s offerings are large and therefore provide potential customers with the option to choose from a number of brands across varying degrees of price and quality.

Health-Dexter is also available on the internet at www.healthdexter.com  Or just dial in on +91-9930008292 to experience what Healthcare has not yet offered – Convenience


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