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Everything you need to know to rent a wheelchair.

Looking  to rent or hire a wheelchair in Mumbai ?We Hope this will help you take an informed decision. We at Healthdexter provide a wide variety of wheelchairs on rent to suit almost any wheelchair need. We are proud to be Mumbai 's preferred choice of wheelchair rental services since 2011.

Just call us on +91-9930008292 and we will do our best to put a smile on your face  with good old customer service.

What to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair?

You  may need to rent or hire a wheelchair for you or your loved one at some point of time. It may be for a day or for several days. There are a large number of options in manual and power wheelchairs that are available. Each serving a different need. Renting the wheelchair with advance planning and knowing about your options and the entire hiring process can help and make the process smooth and hassle free.

Types of wheelchair  you can Rent

There are a number of types of wheelchairs that you can rent. The biggest factor that differentiates one from another is whether or not it is motorized. We offer a  wide range of manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs to choose from .

Manual wheelchairs come in standard , lightweight and or compact options.The standard wheelchair weighing between 15-18 kgs and the lightweight weighing between 7 and 12 kgs.All our wheelchairs on rent are foldable and can be stored or carried along easily

Call us today on +91-9930008292 for quick and friendly information on availability, pricing and any other unanswered questions about our wheelchair rental service.

What are the differences between standard and transport or travel wheelchair?

The main difference between a basic/standard wheelchair and transport/travel wheelchair is that a transport wheelchair can be used or controlled only by the caretaker pushing a person in the wheelchair who cannot propel the wheelchair  on their own.Transport wheelchairs are much more compact, lightweight and easy to store.

Basic/Standard wheelchairs, allows the wheelchair user to self propel the wheelchair and has full  control of the wheelchair ,and also gives the caretaker the option of controlling the wheelchair .Standard wheelchairs are typically much heavier than transport wheelchairs

What other types of wheelchairs are available on rent apart from basic and travel ?

compact : compact wheelchairs are wheelchairs that will fit in narrow spaces like an aircraft aisle.You could rent this wheelchair if you need to maneuver a wheelchair with a user within a narrow space

bariatric : wheelchair is used for heavier users ,mainly above 100kgs.This wheelchair will have a higher loading capacity above 100 and upto around 150kgs.This wheelchair also comes with a wider seat option to seat the bariatric user comfortably.

Can I travel by Air with rented wheelchair?

Yes ,All wheelchairs provided by Healthdexter are approved for air travel and are within the air travel wheelchair / luggage specifications.

We also provide airline approved electronic power wheelchairs on rent prescribing to international air standard specifications.

Ever seen the wheelchairs used at the Mumbai Airports, both International and Domestic, Well we are proud to be  one of the largest suppliers of wheelchairs for one of India's busiest airports.

How do I rent a wheelchair?

To rent a wheelchair in Mumbai is simple and easy.To Book just call us on +91-9930008292

Our friendly wheelchair expert will be happy to assist you find the right fit, based on your intended use ,height, weight and  prevailing conditions

All our wheelchairs are safe, clean, user-friendly & comfortable.

How to Book a Wheelchair on Rent/Hire in Mumbai in 3 EASY STEPS ?

Step 1 :Choose the wheelchair you would like to rent between Basic, Premium, Lightweight, Bariatric, Reclining or Compact. You can take assistance from our wheelchair expert to take a decision. +91-9930008292.

Step 2 :Choose a Rental Period , Short term or Long term 

Step 3 :Call +91-9930008292 and book your wheelchair rental along with your contact information.

Name, Contact Number and Delivery Location.

Can the rented wheelchair be delivered?

Yes, we can deliver the rented wheelchair to most locations in Mumbai.