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Collection: Underpads

Underpads or Bedpads are designed to solve incontinence issues that are arise when the adult diaper leaks. Incontinence diapers and pads help with incontinence management but, there are times when you do not want to wear any pad or diaper, and it might be possible that you happen to have a sudden urinary or bowel leakage. These potential messes can be easily avoided by just slipping the underpads over your bed or chair.. Hospitals and other medical facilities commonly use these underpads to absorb body fluids such as blood and urine during surgery. Underpads can be used alone or with incontinence garments to manage incontinence by absorbing leakages and providing good odor control. They help keep surfaces clean, protect bedding and furniture, and, most importantly reduce the laundry workload.

At, we offer underpads from top incontinence product manufacturers like Friends, Seni, Karein, Karemed, Dignity, Liberty and many more. These underpads are made of high-quality materials which are  gentle on the skin and reduces the risk of skin problems. Just spread the sheet over your bed, the sofa or the wheelchair and allow it to lock in the moisture while you relax!

Features of Underpads

  • designed to hold pads in place
  • Moisture-proof back sheets
  • Antibacterial technology
  • high speed channel to dispense fluid evenly along whole pad

 FAQ'S Underpads

 What are underpads?

Underpads are flat absorbent pads or sheets  that protect upholstery, sheets, wheelchairs and other surfaces. When placed on a bed, they can help reduce linen changes if bedwetting is a concern. They are disposable and are a very popular choice for leakage protection.


What are the benefits of Disposable Underpads?

  • Convenient and Absorbent: easy to use and absorb large amounts of fluids
  • No Mess, Easy Clean: Once soiled, simply discard the underpad.
  • Temporary Usage: Temporary incontinence and also house procedures such as enemas.
  • Odor Control:  disposable underpads prevent the growth of bacteria and yeasts that can cause odors
  • Better Dry Technology: Disposable dry-pads feature faster drying technology which draws moisture away from the skin and protects bedridden patients from bedsores

What are the benefits of Re-usable Underpads?

Underpads absorb all the fluid that leaks from the adult diaper keeping the area clean and prevents bed sheets from getting soiled. These underpads can also be used on place where a user with incontinence : wheelchair ,sofa or while travelling in a car

What are incontinence underpads made of?

They are made of absorbent materials such as fluff added with SAP (super absorbent polymer )

Would a user be prone  to bedsores while using underpads?

Many people care concerned about bedsores and rashes while using underpads. The answer is no as the under pad quickly wicks away all moisture that falls on it leaving the user dry and comfortable and  thus preventing growth of bacteria that would otherwise thrive in moist conditions. The under pad provide air circulation and keep the user as comfortable as possible and reduces the chances of bedsores or rashes. also inhibit the growth of

What size are Underpads?

Underpads generally come in one standard size 60cm by 90 cm.