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Hospital Bed Semi Fowler - Backrest

Hospital Bed Semi Fowler - Backrest

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Hospital Bed Solution

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This device is a modified backrest that allows one convert any bed into a semi fowler hospital bed. The backrest can be used on any ordinary bed, to provide an excellent inclinable backrest. One can easily adjust this backrest to any of the varying degrees of inclination from flat to about 80 degrees. It is an economic option that used for patients who would otherwise require a hospital bed setup.

One can place this backrest on any bed with any kind of mattress of 3 – 4 inches over it. The lever/rotary handle can be fitted to both sides of the bed, inclination can be changed by rotating the provided lever. This rotary handle will allow you to rotate up or down the backrest as per your convenience.

It is compatible, portable and lightweight (weighs about 10 kg) in which one can fix or remove it easily. This backrest is made with steel material and comes with weight bearing capacity of about 150 kg. The size of the product is 24 inches (length) X 33 inches (width) X 3 inches (height) and comes with warranty of 12 months.

Main features

  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Easily adjusted to provide varying degrees of inclination.
  • Can be placed on any bed and put on any kind of mattress on it.
  • Provides excellent comfort to the patient and caregiver
  • Value for money


Package contents

  • Backrest
  • Detachable Side Railing
  • Detachable Rotary Handle

 This device avoids the need to install a full sized hospital bed. Lot of homes do not have the space to accommodate a hospital bed without having to move around or get rid of existing furniture. In comes Hospibed that converts  an ordinary  to a semi fowler hospital bed in 4 easy steps.




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