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Nidek Oxygen Concentrator 5L- Nuvo Lite

Nidek Oxygen Concentrator 5L- Nuvo Lite

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Nidek Oxygen Concentrator 5L - Nuvo Lite

Nidek Nuvo Lite 5L


0.125-5 LPM

O2 Purity Level

90% +6% - 3.5 % @ 5LPM

Decibel Level


Outlet Pressure


7 psi

Unit Weight



3  Years


The Nidek Nuvo Lite 5L

New Generation, High-efficiency,Cost-effective ReIiabIe ReIief Provider

The newest member in Nidek Medical’s family of Oxygen Concentrators, the Nuvo Lite, is by far the most innovative evolution in our pursuit to provide the absolute best to customers. Nidek has  revolutionized the Nuvo by making it lighter and more compact, but with more functionality and benefits. Weighing only 13.6 Kgs, it is among the lightest in the industry. The Nuvo Lite is FDA approved and guarantees complete satisfaction and convenience

Nidek Nuvo Lite Oxygen Concentrator is a portable oxygen therapy solution that truly gives active patients the freedom they deserve. Nuvo Lite's innovative and unmatched RPSA (Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption) technology helps the machine reach full purity in just 3 minutes. The machine is impervious to dirt and moisture and therefore sieve efficiency is highly enhanced. Nidek's Nuvo Lite provides quiet, continuous and Longer oxygen therapy consistent with accepted standards of care.Light weight, high maneuverability, upright design, quiet operation makes it easy for the patient to operate the Nidek Nuvo Lite. The single-knob controlled flow-meter allows the user to select the precise volume of oxygen required. Cabinet, Air filter and Battery can be conveniently accessed through the rear panel. The audio alarm system promptly alerts patient in case of oxygen pressure fluctuation or power failure. An optional Oxygen Monitoring system can check O2 concentration with audio and visual alarms

Flow rate: 0.125-5LPM

Purity: 90% +6% - 3.5 % @ 5LPM

Outlet Pressure: 7 psi

Sound Level: <40db

Power Consumption: 290w

Net Weight: 13.6Kgs

Size: 360x220x580 mm

Filters: Cabinet, Compressor Intake and Bacteria


Superior Quality Features

  • Light : Only 13.6 Kgs
  • Quite : Ultra Quite Operation < 40db
  • Compact :360 * 220 * 580
  • Accurate : Lockable Flow control valve ,range 0.125 to 5 LPM
  • Economical :Very Low power consumption 290W

Other Features

  • Rugged ,reinforced construction with recessed castors
  • high efficiency compressor
  • direct access to air intake filter ,electronic hour meter and alarm battery
  • can be easily adjusted to the prescribed flow rate
  • full purity in less than 3 minutes
  • offers significant reduction in prevention and curative maintenance time
  • easy usage and maintenance
  • operating system - times cycle /rapid pressure swing
  • self monitoring alarm system (in OMS model)



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