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Preva Premium Adult Diaper Pants - Extra Large Pull Ups

Preva Premium Adult Diaper Pants - Extra Large Pull Ups

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Preva Adult Diaper Pants - Pull Ups/Pant Style

Extra Large Size

Preva Adult Diaper Pants Are Available in 3 sizes

Medium - Large 34"-44"   (87cm-112cm)

Large - Extra Large  40"-54"  (102cm-137cm)

Extra Large - XX Large 48"-64"   (122cm-163cm)

Preva Dry Adult Pants are Premium Super Absorbency Adult Pull ups or Underwear Style Adult Diapers


The adult diaper manufacturer claims 1000ml of urine retention equivalent to 4* 250ml glasses of water consumed by user.These Adult Pulls are Unisex


  • Odour Control : an odour control system present in the absorbent core prevents the formation of ammonia and thus unpleasant odours.
  • Perfect Fit : the elasticated zone of the adult diaper ensure anatomical adaptation to the body for maximum comfort and is discreet
  • Cotton Feel :Superior urne leakage protection using wholly air permeable sheet offers super dryness and cotton like feel.
  • Fast Absorption : The acquisition layer promotes the fast passage of urine through a multi layer absorbent core containing SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers).SAP is designed to absorb and lock the urine inside the core of the pad reducing the risk of rewetting.
  • Anti Leakage Protection :Integrated anti leak cuffs made of waterproof material help to prevent side leakage.

 Product Highlights

  • Designed in USA
  • Cloth Like stretch panels contour to your body for a comfortable fit and feel like real undewear.
  • Extra Soft Material -Cottony Feel
  • Tear Away Side for easy and quick removal of adult diapers
  • Coloured Stitching on the waistband to highlight front side of adult diaper
  • Leg Cuffs for added leakage protection
  • Highly Absorbent Core




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