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Wedry Adult Diapers Medium

Wedry Adult Diapers Medium

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Wedry Adult Diaper

Wedry Adult Diaper is a tape styled adult diaper Made in India to suit Indian needs. The Adult Diaper features single way non woven top that allows only single way passage of fluid into the absorbent layer and never back. The super absorbent polymer quickly turns the fluid into gel making the user  feel dry and comfortable. Special  soft leak guards  prevent any chance of leakage. The adult diaper comes with absorption and distribution layer for best possible controlled absorption. With additional feature of multi strand leg which provides a snug fit without pinching he skin and prevents any leakage in the crotch layer. The high quality tape on the adult diaper provide for repeated adjustments of tape application.

Wedry Adult Diaper is available in 3 sizes

Medium (28" to 44")  71cm - 112cm

 Large (42"-56") 106cm - 142cm

Extra Large (54"-68") 137cm - 172cm                                                                                      


From The Manufacturer of Wedry Adult Diaper

  • Single way Non Woven top – Allows single way passage of fluid in the absorbent layer.
  • Super Absorbent Polymer – Turns fluid into gel. Users feel dry and comfortable.
  • Leak Guard –Soft leak guard provides maximum protection against leakages.
  • Absorption and Distribution Layer (ADL) – Allows even distribution of liquid in the absorbent layer.
  • Dual Core Fluff Pulp layer – For better controlled absorption.
  • Multi strand leg –Allows comfortable snug fit without pinching the skin. Also prevents leakage in crotch area.
  • Multiple tape fasteners – Allows repeated adjustments of tape. Good for multiple times of tape application.
  • Extra absorbent particles – For better absorption.
  • Odour Neutralizer -Reduces Ammonia Formation and neutralizes unpleasnt odour.

CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations, in practice by Product Directives. delivers to almost all locations in Mumbai. Some of the locations we have daily adult diaper deliveries to are listed below


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